Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1.I want to make sure I understood that accommodation (Hotel) is free this means I only have to pay for the conference fee per person for the three nights. Is this right?
Yes, if you register as a participant or a listener, the accommodation is totally free at Queen Elizabeth Elite Suite Hotel during April 23-26, 2015. You have to pay have only the conference fee. Also, Participant/Listener Conference Registration includes: Meals (Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Coffee Breaks, and other treats), Conference Program, Name Tag, Certificate of Participation, Conference Bag.

Q2. Is the conference at the same place of the hotel?
The conference and accommodation will be in the same hotel (Queen Elizabeth Elite Suite Hotel).

Q3. When is the arrival date and when is the date to leave exactly? In other words what nights of accommodation are in the offer?
The hotel entrance date is April 23, 2015 and the hotel departure date is April 26, 2015. These three nights (of April 23th, 24th, 25th in 2015) are covered by the conference and free.

Q4. Is it possible to book some extra nights and at what costs?
It is possible to book some extra nights before or after the conference at 60 dollars per night per person.

Q5. If another person (colleague, suppose, friend, etc.) pays conference fee as audience, is that mean that this person can take a part in your event, under equal condition as presenters (free accommodation for three nights, social events with all group etc)?
Yes, if accompanying person pays the conference fee, then that person will get benefit from all events like presenters. The accommodation at the hotel is also free for that person for three nights and that person can participate in social events with all groups.

Q6. What is the conference fee?
The early registration fee is 250 dollars. After the early registration deadline, the fee is 300 dollars.

Q7. May I stay in a single room?
Yes. If you stay in a single room, you need to pay 30 dollars additionally per night per person.

Q8. May I submit my abstract now?
Yes, the submission and registration continue. You may register and send your submission(s) now. After you submit your abstract, you will receive the result in a week. If your paper is accepted, you may make your payment via bank transfer or PayPal.

Q8. What is the fee if I bring my child with me?
Fee for child staying with their parents: Child from 0 to 6 years of age – FREE, Child from 6 to 12 years of age – discount of 50%.

Q9. How many papers are allowed for one registration fee?
Two papers are allowed for one registration fee. If you have more than two papers, one of the authors needs to register too.

Q10.Will the conference papers be published in a journal?
After peer-reviewing process, selected papers will be published in the International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (IJEMST) or the International Journal of Research in Education and Science (IJRES).

Q11.Do you have any format for abstracts?
There is not any format for abstracts.  Please enter your abstract submission as a plain text without any keywords or title in the abstract box in the conference system. Then, if it is accepted, you can download the acceptance letters from the system.

Q12.Is travel from the airport to the hotel included and can it also be arranged when I book extra nights? At what costs?
ERGIN VIP Transfer provides a special rate for the participants of the ICEMST. You may also prefer ERGIN VIP Transfer from the airport to the hotel. The driver will meet you personally at your terminal arrival gate or platform with a board with "ICEMST", "ICRES", and "Queen Elizabeth Hotel" written on. The fee from Antalya Airport to the hotel is 10 US dollars per person. If you want to be picked up, please provide the following information to the travel agency by email (

Your Name & Last Name:
Your Flight Number:
Your Arrival Date and Time:

ERGIN VIP Transfer Services Gsm & Sms: +90 535 947 57 76 (7 days, 24 hours)

Q13.Which languages can be used in the conference?
The conference languages are English and Turkish. The presentations will be scheduled based on their topic and language.

Q14.If my paper is written in Turkish, do I have to submit its English version?
All papers have to include an English abstract, an English title and English keywords. If the paper is written in Turkish, it also needs to have an English abstract, an English title and English keywords.

Q15.Do I have to submit the full paper?
No, you do not need to submit your full paper. It is your preference. If you do not submit your full paper by the deadline, then we will publish the abstract of your study in the conference proceedings book.

Q16.Is there any page limitation for full papers?
No, there is not any page limitation for full papers.

Q17. What is the duration of each oral presentation?
About 15-20 minutes will be given for each oral presentation.